Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Hummingbird Cake

On Saturday night, I baked a Hummingbird cake.  I've been meaning to bake it since I tried it in a wonderful tea room in York called Georgina's CafĂ©.  Theirs was in tray bake style and rather rustic in appearance.  That was the charm for me.  I choose it due to it's appearance, looking like the ugly duckling amongst all the other layered cakes and because I'd seen it in my Magnolia Bakery cookbook.  I've been itching to bake something that I'd consider to be proper 'home baking'.
I was so excited to make this and in true OCD (obsessive cake disorder) style, had to frost it immediately after it cooled.  I wouldn't have been able to sleep knowing there was an unfrosted, gorgeous cake in my kitchen! Maybe I need help?! But that's how much I'm passionate about cake and the finished item.   I had to see it in all it's glory before I crept to bed at 1am. 


I used this recipe from BBC Food

It's similar to carrot cake due to the nuts and cinnamon and using oil instead of butter.  However, this has more depth and scope than carrot cake.  The bananas and pineapple transforms it into something really special and is utterly delicious.  I didn't use mango as stated in the recipe, however used more pineapple and cinnamon to compensate.  I love cinnamon and recipes could always use a bit more for my palette! I sprinkled toasted desiccated coconut on top, which ignited all the flavours.  The cake is finished with a smooth cream cheese (full fat Philadelphia) frosting.

Verdict: Hummingbird cake is now my favourite cake. It has everything for me - fruit, nuts, spice and a rich centre and topping.  The texture of it is perfect, dense and yet still so moist.