Sunday, 22 July 2012

Vintage Cupcakes

I made a batch of cupcakes for my good friend Tara this weekend.  She didn’t give me a direction or briefing into what she wanted.  We settled on vanilla sponge and buttercream and pretty decorations.  I’m usually not a fan of decorating cupcakes without direction or preferences, but knowing Tara, I felt that keeping it gorgeously simple, elegant and chic was the way to go.  I used pastel shades of yellow, peach and pink.  

I used the domed cupcake tutorial from Carina’s Cupcakes, which is brilliantly simple and I think it gives cupcakes another dimension.  Especially when finished with lustre spray, as it highlights the shape, much like a good shimmer powder does to our cheekbones!  The white flower was achieved with the help of a Purple Cupcakes tutorial, demonstrating how to jazz up pretty flowers with non pareils.  Both tutorials can be found on their Facebook pages.

My favourite is the bunting cupcake… I’ve become a lover of it since the Jubilee! I even have some pink cupcake bunting hanging up in my bedroom.  My other love at the moment is embossing and how beautiful and delicate it looks.  It adds a little vintage seduction, perfect for these cupcakes.