Thursday, 28 July 2011

Fallen in lust with lustre spray

About a month ago, my relationship with cupcakes stepped up a level... and I won't look back. I discovered the epitome of cupcake decoration: lustre spray. It's the equivalent of make up for cupcakes... maybe a lipgloss or Dior shimmer powder. It transforms ordinary looking cupcakes into classy, multi dimensional, and versatile high fashion cupcakes. It's literally a subtly coloured spray (which smells and tastes of vanilla which is nice) with shimmer in it. Not glitter because that's misleading.... but shimmer. For the ladies reading this, I am sure you'll know what I mean by shimmer if you're fond of make up.

I have lustre sprays in pearl, silver and bronze. I've used the bronze spray on my chocolate orange cupcakes so far and intend to use on my Cake-a-cola flavour as well. The pearl has a lovely pink tint to it and used them on vanilla and strawberry, Amaretto and coke, Chai tea and cinnamon. Silver is incredible to just give them that bit of oomph to take them from ordinary to awesome easily.

I would say, like most things with cupcake decoration, it has to be appropriate to what flavours you've made and what image you want to portray with them. I wouldn't use my lustre spray on the more fun flavours I make, for example Nutella and banana.

I will definitely purchase more colours (by more, I mean ALL other colours I don't have!) Let's face it, I am well and truly in lust.

Chocolate orange

Almond and coke

Strawberry and vanilla

Chai tea and cinnamon

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