Thursday, 16 February 2012

Valentines Goodies

Last weekend was manic as I had my Valentines Day stall on the 13th.  I spent the best part of two days baking cupcakes and cutting out pretty sugarpaste shapes. It was definitely the right time to test the array of cutters I'd bought over the last few months. The amount of cupcake goodies available is immense. Everything I've bought recently has been online – Pretty Witty Cakes and Purple Cupcakes. Brilliant products, service and delivery.  Got the odd goody from TK Maxx though as you can imagine! (that place is a treasure trove)  The best product from TK are the PME dove cutters. They're so beautiful and elegant.  However, my favourite buy of all has to be the silicone button mould.  Extremely easy to use and you can just pop the buttons out and they're perfectly formed.  

This is the end product - the buttons are made out of white chocolate and so tempting to nibble on!

So here is a sample picture of the cupcakes made for the Valentines stall.
Starting at the top left – Chocolate Orange, The Malt Teaser, Vanilla and Strawberry, Almond, Lemon, Chocolate and Vanilla and finally Raspberry Fluff and White Chocolate in the middle.
I love the contrast of the white dove against the purple buttercream. 

And then the stall set up

As you can see, I don't have many lemon cupcakes remaining in this picture! I wish I'd made more as they were the fastest seller. It's beneficial to hold these stalls regularly as you start to recognise what sells and what to do next time.

It was a fabulous event again and I'm very proud of myself.  Especially considering that this was the first time I've ever used sugarpaste too.  I will continue to use sugarpaste decorations in this way because of the lovely comments from my customers.  It definitely adds the wow factor.

P.S.  I'm starting a cake decorating and sugarcraft course on Monday! I'm really looking forward to learning more and spending time with fellow cake lovers.  


  1. Well done. Your cupcakes look beautiful.

  2. They look fantastic - I need to get one of those button moulds! Well done on the stall, I would love to be able to do that one day! xxx

  3. Such pretty cupcakes and I love your buttons!

  4. That button mould is brilliant...I may have to get one! Your cupcakes look great too!

  5. Thanks so much for the fantasic comments! The button mould is from EBay and it cost around £4.50 including postage. Bargain! xxx

  6. All your cupcakes looks so pretty! I will be proud of myself if I can bake such pretty ranges of cupcakes. The button mould is a great investment.

  7. Thank you Zoe, that's really nice for you to say that. I would recommend the button mould! Such a modern decoration for your cakes :-) I am following your blog now and will take a peak later. XX

  8. the button mould is one of my registered designs. Glad you like it !

  9. Hi Sarah-Jane, thanks so much for stopping by! I love the button mould :-) thanks so much for designing, I had a plastic button mould before yours and it wasn't good. I've checked your blog out and I'm now following you.