Friday, 19 August 2011

Miss Cakeaholic's Menu

The Immaculates - £15 for a batch of 12 or £8.50 for a batch of 6

A beautifully light lemon sponge, with a zesty lemon curd centre. Topped with lemon buttercream.

Rum and Raisin
A modern twist on a classic ice cream combination – a rum flavoured sponge, finished with a rich rum flavoured buttercream, topped with chocolate raisins.

Custard Cream
The Nation's favourite biscuit will soon be your favourite cupcake. A sweet custard sponge, with a whole biscuit dunked into the crushed Custard Cream frosting.

Raspberry Fluff and White Chocolate
Vanilla sponge, with a gooey Raspberry Marshmallow Fluff centre, topped with pink vanilla buttercream and white chocolate.

Chai Tea
Infused with spicy cinnamon, Chai tea was enjoyed by Indian royalty with cake. Now Chai tea can be enjoyed in cake form, by anybody.

Vice Versa
A retro twist on two classic flavours. Vanilla and chocolate marbled sponge, with chocolate and vanilla buttercream.

Strawberries and Cream
A simple yet effective combination loved by everyone. Delicate and tastes of summer.

The Incredibles - £16 for a batch of 12 or £9 for a batch of 6

Banana and Nutella
A chocolate sponge with a Nutella centre, topped with banana flavoured buttercream.

99 Flake
A British seaside favourite – vanilla sponge, a light and fluffy vanilla buttercream, with an array of classic ice cream toppings and finished with a Flake.

For the kid in all of us! Cola flavoured sponge and buttercream, topped with a couple of cola bottles.

The Custard Cream cupcake's New Yorker cousin! Chocolate sponge, with crushed Oreo buttercream topped with a whole Oreo. God bless America!

Amaretto and Coke
I'm going to make you a cupcake you can't refuse. An Amaretto flavoured sponge coated with cola buttercream, finished with an amaretti biscuit.

Carrot Cake
A coffee morning favourite. In fact, it's everyone's favourite! An amazingly moist carrot and walnut cake sponge frosted with zesty cream cheese topping (For a nut free version, just ask).

The Illuminati - £17 for a batch of 12 or £9.50 for a batch of 6

The Malt Teaser
This is Miss Cakeaholic's best seller! Hearty sponge coated in delicious malty Ovaltine buttercream, topped with a trio of Maltesers. Has to be tasted to be believed.

Chocolate Orange
A moist chocolate sponge, finished with orange flavoured buttercream and a chocolate orange segment.

Miss Cakeaholic’s spin on the Frappaccino - a decadent coffee sponge, sticky caramel centre, topped with coffee buttercream and a segment of Cadbury’s Caramel.

Cherry Bakewell
A tribute to the well loved Cherry Bakewell – almond sponge with a fruity jam centre, topped with a delicious layer of marzipan, almond buttercream and a cherry.

Mint Chocolate Chip
A rich chocolate sponge with mint buttercream studded with chocolate chips, topped with an After Eight mint.

Banoffee Pie
A lush caramel sponge filled with gooey caramel, topped with banana buttercream and slices of dried banana.

Mr Hershey
A chocolate fest! Rich chocolate sponge with a peanut butter and chocolate centre, topped with chocolate buttercream and chocolate peanuts.

Red Velvet
The ultimate in prestige. An unbelievably light, deep crimson sponge with a satisfying hint of cocoa, topped with a smooth cream cheese frosting.

* All batches are packaged in a sturdy cupcake box
* If you need larger orders please don't hesitate to contact me

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