Monday, 31 October 2011

ooooOOOOooooOO it's Halloween!

On Halloween, all I want to do is bake, eat yummy food and watch horror movies.
The last thing I wanted to do was stress over a spooky outfit and where to go clubbing. I think I must be growing up!

Halloween in the early 90’s was a great time… it all seems so different now. Children have elaborate outfits and high expectations. My outfits consisted of an oversized coat, a scary 99p mask from the corner shop and if I was lucky, a bit of change and a chocolate bar! Oh so humble.

I’ve had an amazing day today. I had my stall at work and sold around 100 cupcakes in two hours. I was so flattered that these people wanted to spend their hard earned cash on my cupcakes. The feedback I was received was incredible and I can’t wait for my next event at Christmas.

Here are a few pictures

I baked Toffee Apple, Jurassic Parkin, Blood Red Velvet, The Malt Teaser, Chocolate Orange and Coffee Caramel.

Chocolate Orange and The Malt Teaser were the fastest sellers again and I'll definitely be baking large quanties of these for the Christmas event.

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