Monday, 12 December 2011

Miss Cakeholic branches out into B2B and charity

It’s been a very busy few weeks for me recently and only had chance to write about it now (Mental note: New Year's Resolution – blog more).

Luckily all my Christmas shopping is all done, so I can really kick back, enjoy the festivities and bake. Having said that, I’m still making frantic visits to Meadowhall... I must be mental! Most of my shopping was done in November... It’s all about spreading the costs – you know it makes sense!

So, at the end of November I had an order for 84 cupcakes for a corporate event for I Am Learning, based in Doncaster. I Am Learning is a games based revision aid for schools and home learning. They took my cupcakes to the event and used them as a ‘pull’ (or sugary bribe?) to the stand for teachers to buy the product and drum up interest.

From tweets, it sounded like my cupcakes pulled in an audience. People were actually tweeting about how gorgeous they were and to get over to the I Am Learning stand for one! How cool is that? Here’s the tweet that made my day:

Visit the @I_AM_LEARNING stand to get these awesome cupcakes #nc11

So anyway, the subject of charity. My friend asked me if I would be kind enough to donate a batch of cupcakes for the Mencap and Gateway’s Christmas raffle. I happily obliged. I made a batch of Raspberry Fluff and White Chocolate. Everyone loved the look of them as they’re bright pink (what's not to love about pink?) and the guys were grateful of the donation. I would definitely like to do more donations for charity. So if anyone has a charity event they’d like some delicious home baked cupcakes for, I’m happy to be contacted.

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